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Date :21-Mar-2018

A kidney stone is a solid material that is usually found in the urinary tract. At the time of urination, these stones come out with urine. Sometimes these stones are larger and block the passage of urine hence causes pain. In order to relieve the pain, medication is necessary. Kidney Stone Removal treatment should be started at the initial stage itself before the situation becomes chronic.

Kidney filters out the fluid waste materials inside the body. These waste materials then flow through ureters (thin tubes). From the ureters, it reaches urinary bladder and leaves the body through the urethra.

Causes of Kidney Stone

  • Due to the combination of some minerals and salts
  • Some drug usage (chemotherapy drugs, diuretics, salicylates)
  • Lead poisoning
  • Treatment of blood cancer
  • Anemia
  • Chronic diarrhea

Certain lifestyle factors are also responsible for kidney stones. They are specific foods with high animal protein and low fiber. Those who experience stress have chances of stone. Patients who are bedridden have high chances of stones

Kidney Stone Treatment In Bangalore

Dr. Mahendra Jain, best urologist in Bangalore offers effective treatment options for Kidney stones with advanced technologies. Dr. Mahendra Jain is an eminent and an extremely experienced Urologist and Andrologist residing in Bangalore, India.

Treatments provided by Dr. Mahendra Jain for Kidney Stone

  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) - This technique uses shock waves to break up stones so that they can easily pass through the urinary tract.
  • Percutaneous Nephrostolithotomy (PCNL) - PCNL is the procedure by which a tube is placed into the kidney through the back and later instruments are placed through this tube and into the kidney to remove the stones.
  • Ureterorenoscopic Lithotripsy - In Ureterorenoscopic lithotripsy procedure, special laser fibers can be deployed through the ureteroscope to fragment the stone.
  • Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery or RIRS with Holmium Laser - Through this procedure, the instrument is allowed to enters through the body’s natural opening, through the bladder and the ureter, into the kidney, without making an incision.
  • Open nephro/pyelolithotomy - Pyelolithotomy procedure is used for renal pelvic stones in areas where ESWL and PNL are not feasible because of the lack of equipment or expertise.

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Authored By : Dr. Mahendra Jain

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Dr Mahendra Jain is an eminent and an extremely experienced Urologist ...

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